Full Time Programs

A full time program is considered 25 or more hours per week.  At Extraordinary Abilities, each client  will receive a fully individualized program to address goals in areas like communication skills, reduction of barriers to learning, self help skills, feeding and social skills/peer interaction.  All our clients are mostly staffed 1:1 even during group activities to guarantee the successful implementation of the treatment plans.

Part Time Program

A part-time home program is anything less than 25 hours per week.Part-time program can be implemented after school.  During our assessment process, our BCBA will be able to advise you as to how many hours per week your child will need in order to gain meaningful results. Our client are mostly staffed 1:1 and programs are fully  individualized.

In Home - Community Support

​​Learning is not limited to the school or in clinic settings. Our BCBAs develop and implement plans in home in order to guarantee skills are generalized across all the settings.  Also Community Support is offered in order to support the client fully integration into his/her community. 

School Consultation

​At Extraordinary Abilities we can provide training programs for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other providers on a number of topics related with ASD, Challenging Behavior management and Behavior Reduction Strategies in the classroom. We can also provide support   to develop an individualized intervention plan for a learner exhibiting problem behavior or skill development using Applied Behavior Analysis.

Extraordinary Abilities offers a social skills program designed for children of all ages who has difficulty with learning from their social environment. From children with early emerging social skills to children that need to work on social pragmatics and higher level social thinking, our program strive to optimize your child's learning. Each group follows a structured group plan that blends in each of the child's individual social skills goals. We do so by contriving opportunities throughout the session where the child will be able to practice, model and use the skills with their peers. Children with autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's syndrome, social communication disorder, or any other pervasive developmental disorder or developmental delay can benefit from our social skills groups. 

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